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O Padrinho

O Padrinho - Mario Puzo, Mário V. Soares For someone who had never read anything mafia-related, right now I can’t say much more than – wow. Most of you have watched the films, the first one is considered the best one ever without nudity. I didn’t watch any of them on purpose, I enjoy the process of creating my own mental scenarios while reading too much to give that up.Mario Puzo paints this elaborate picture of the Sicilian mafia through the eyes of Michael Corleone, a returning Marine Corps hero who at first wants nothing to do with the elaborate crime family that his father has built.The reason that the Godfather is so good is the depth of Mario Puzo's characters. They aren't just evil criminals. They are real people. Puzo romanticizes the mafia life and that time period altogether. He also does something perfectly what other books have tried to do and miserably failed at. He parodies real life characters into his novel. Johnny Fontane the saloon singer is his fictional Sinatra and it is perfectly done.Highly recommend it to anyone who dares wonder about the underworld and looks for an elaborate and rich reading.