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Lyra's Oxford - You may recall Lyra from the His Dark Materials trilogy or from another post I made regarding the best female literature characters of all time. This small book is intended to be a small sequel to that series that marked my childhood so intensely. I greatly recommend HDM as a young-adult read, as well, for it tackles important subjects such as theology, ethics and alchemy. Moreover it explores the theory of parallel universes and fuses fantasy with science fiction in a mesmerizing way. So when I discovered the existence of this book, I impulsively started reading it. Of course, I didn't expect a proper sequel, but more of an exercise in marketing, which it proves to be. It contains a lot of drawings and scraps along the story, but the story itself is pretty basic. On the other hand, it makes sense as a sequel, because it revolves around the idea of "belonging", of "home", which is something that Lyra has lost along her journey in the previous series.