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A Rapariga dos Pés de Vidro

A Rapariga dos Pés de Vidro - Ali Shaw This is the love story of a timid young photographer, who has spent his whole life hiding behind a lens with the excuse of his genetic heritage and a daring, lifeful young woman who is inexplicably turning into glass. And there is one of the main flaws of this book – despite the varied references to norse mythology, you can but infer the cause of her “disease”.Personally, I liked this book, the writing isn’t fantastic at all, but the way many torn-apart lives interweave and slowly unravel was well thought indeed, it keeps the reader at a good pace. I think the whole concept might have been explored more deeply, but the way it tackled sensitive subjects sometimes made up for it. It’s essentially a wake up call – to leave one’s comfort zone, to be able to dare, to let yourself fall in love and be hurt and pick up the shards over and over again, if necessary, because alternatively the glass might creep in and soon you’ll be paralyzed.“I should take a photo.' 'No. Just remember it, and us in it.”