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Ravens of Avalon

Ravens of Avalon - Diana L. Paxson If you’re in the mood for some light reading, about a Celtic warrior-queen and aren’t expecting too much historical detail, this book might be a good choice. Better yet if you’re a Marion Zimmer Bradley’s fan and therefore are curious about the ancient Celtic culture and creed. Although this was not written by the author of “Mists of Avalon”, her colleague Diana L. Paxson does justice to her investigations about Boudica. “Ravens of Avalon” is set in Britannia like most of the Avalon series and shares the religious background that “Mists of Avalon” magically presented us to. Nevertheless, it’s the only aspect they share, since the historical onsets are quite different. Being this fictional, I was presented with a much more insecure and subdued (perhaps, more human?) main character than I expected and found the writing quite plain. Another downside of this novel was the anticlimactic lack of detail, mainly in the battle chapters. When you’re reading about a bellic legend that finally asserts herself and her people against the Romans, you certainly don’t expect her to lose consciousness to the Lady of Ravens and simply wake up after the warfare is over, do you? All in all, it’s a useful read to learn a bit about Boudica and the romance she lived in such harsh times for the Celtic people, but I’m afraid it didn’t live up to my expectations.