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A Montanha Mágica

A Montanha Mágica - Thomas Mann, Gilda Lopes Encarnação I think I’m still assimilating this book and probably will never absorb all of its greatness. Climbing up this mountain is surely not for the light-hearted and I’m not sure I’ve ever read something as rich and as worthy of a second (perhaps third, fourth?) read. Over 800 pages of growth of a young, naive man – Hans Castorp- whose ideologies are being disputed by peculiar characters such as Settembrini, a boisterous Italian literary humanist, and Naphta, a sharp-tonged communist Jesuit. Set in an ethereal tuberculosis sanatorium in the Swiss Alps, where time finds an unique way of (non-)existence, Hans finds himself spending there seven years of his life, while he intended to be back in a few weeks after visiting his cousin Joachim. Thomas Mann depictures thus the numbness and the sickness of a society that could only be awakened by the roaring thunder of World War I. I can only recommend a book that has just jumped up to my top ten. Thoroughly and elegantly written, a novel about dualities that has absolutely put Thomas Mann as an aim to my next reads.